Serras "Second Hand"

Like on our first CD "Serras", we have gathered the melodic material from the Danish scorebooks from the 17th century. The rest is, also like on our first CD – a result of every single band members different musical references.

Besides the two live-tracks witch were recorded at "Amager bio" in the fall 2000, the record is recorded by Torben Sminge in Odense, by a line of Sessions, during the period, June 2000 to March 2001.
Torben Sminge has also mixed the record, together with Kell Dalager. The very beautiful artwork on the cover, these pages and also on our first CD, is done by Anders Frandsen. We have received help by Poul Lendal – The Godfather Of Folk – who is playing with us on two of the tracks."Second Hand" gives a picture of Serras as we sound right now, – We hope you will enjoy it.

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